Murder, She Wrote

3 Apr

Murder, She Wrote, is an old TV show. It ran from 1984 to 1996, that’s right, 12 seasons. It was a prime time mystery show starring Angela Lansbury. Since the show is very long and has very stand alone episodes I often use it to fill in when I want an english show to have on in the background.

Angela Lansbury stars as a widowed mystery writer named Jessica Fletcher. To top it all off she lives in Maine! My home state. Jessica always ends up around murder where ever she is and helps to solve it.She’s a bit like a younger Miss Marple.

The show is a bit too formulated though. The settings and characters wildly change, but the culprit is usually revealed by a, “how would you know *this thing* was *like this* if you weren’t there?” or some other slip of the tongue.

Of course it’s also seems she’s a bit cursed as murder seems to follow her where ever she goes. One woman coincidentally falling into 200+ murder investigations can be a bit much. However it’s still enjoyable to see the kindly woman solving murder, I recommend it to any mystery fans.


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