30 Apr

Sorry I have been so busy, I will try to keep up on my blog again. Thank you to any readers I have.

Today I tried a new TV show at the recommendation of a friend. The show is called Leverage. It began in 2008 and is still on air. The show follows an ex insurance investigator who has put together a team of thieves and baddies in a sort of Robin Hood-esque capacity.

The investigator is mad at his old employer for not paying out insurance to save his sons life. Yet he is an honest man who won’t break the law. In the first episode a man come to him to ask him to steal back something of his that was stolen. He decides to take on the job. A lot happen (spoilers) and he and his crew get away with millions.

The main guy decides he likes this work, as do the others. They form a group to help people who are taken advantage of. The characters are funny and interesting. The main guy is the planner and coordinator, team leader. His group of bad guys who do good things include a computers expert, a combat expert, a cat burglar, and a con woman.

I’ve only watched five episodes so far, but it’s pretty good. I suggest the show to anyone who likes shows like Burn Notice, or White Collar.



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