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The Goat Rodeo Sessions

6 Mar

The Goat Rodeo Sessions is a new CD that was put out by Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, and Chris Thile.Though to be honest I have only ever heard of Yo-Yo Ma, the famous cellist. The CD came out just this last year and proves that classical music is not dead.

I love classical music, always have. My dad mostly introduced it to me as a kid. We had a 10 volume CD set of the best classical music. From there though I started buying it and listening to it myself. I love orchestral pieces of any music. I developed a love particularly for Beethoven, he is my favorite composer by far.

Classical is my favorite kind of music, after that I love Celtic music. Then in third place is VGM(video game music). After that I like just about everything except rap/hip-hop. Sorry if that offends anyone.

I bought The Goat Rodeo Sessions the moment I had some extra money and I love all the songs on it. The four do well to compliment each other with their instruments. In a few songs as well they have vocals by Aoife O’Donovan.

It’s not always you love every song on a CD, but I can say it confidently about this one. I recommend the CD to any classical fans, or instrumental music fans out there. Though they have some strange naming conventions as seen by the title of the CD and the titles of their songs. Below is a song from the CD.