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Avatar: The Last Airbender

29 Mar

Sorry everyone! Since I had this Blog I haven’t missed today, but I was so busy yesterday watching Avatar it totally slipped my mind. And even today’s is late.

Well I categorize this under anime, but it is actually an anime inspired Nickelodeon series.  Avatar has been out for a while, it was a show with three seasons that aired from 2005 to 2008. I just finished it yesterday on Netflix watch instant after 3 days of watching.

The premise of the show is about a mythical land split into four nations. These nations all have some citizens who are called “benders” and they can “bend” the 4 elements. Air Benders control air, Earth Benders control rock, Water Benders control water, and Fire Benders with fire. Then in each generation there is a special person born who is able to bend all four elements, this person is called the Avatar, and it is their job to keep balance in the world.

Currently the Fire Nation has launched an attack on the rest of the world to claim it as their own, the war was raged for 100 years, but the Avatar has not been seen. Two teens of the Water Tribe living in the South Pole find a young air bender, and his flying bison, encased in ice, he is the Avatar, who has been dormant for 100 years.

These three then set off on a journey to teach the Avatar the other elements and to defeat the Fire Lord. They meet many other friends and enemies along the way.

I wasn’t sure about the show at first, I thought it might be too kiddy, but halfway through the first season it really picks up and gets into a great flow and good story. I only had a few complaints with the show, first of all it had no killing. Now I’m not a violence person, or like gore, or blood, or anything like that; but this is a war setting. They talk often of people have been killed in the past, or people who might not make it in a mission and shows plenty of large scale battles where people had to have died. Yet it is never really shown or talked about, it takes away a lot of realism and seriousness in my opinion.

The second complaint I resolved with myself. I was confused because Earth Benders need to have rock to control, Air Benders need Air, Water Benders need water, but Fire Benders can just create bursts of flame from nothing. I think now though that Fire Benders just draw heat from the air or something and make it into fire. It works for me.

My biggest complaint however is the romantic conclusion. The main pair that ended up together I totally disagree with, and is the one thing that keeps me from calling it one of my favorite shows. It really really bothered me.

One thing I did really like though were the fighting scenes. They weren’t just well animated or just looked cool, they were actually very intelligent and detailed in choreography. The uses of the bending was diverse and well used. Fighters always used their environments and small details to their advantage. To me this is the best kind of fighting, it is intelligent and shows care. It is different than just some regular shonen thing where they keep revealing special moves.

I suppose I would recommend it to any anime fans, but the romance is still really bothering me.

The Avatar in front and the two who found him