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4 Feb

So for a long time now I’ve had this big list of anime from all my friends recommendations and from my own browsing. I was getting sick of this list just getting longer and longer while I kept finding new anime to watch. So recently I found all the series and watched the first episode of each one to make some decisions about what to, and not to watch.

I organized them into three folders; Keepers, Probation, and Not Keepers. Why not just delete the ones I didn’t like you ask? Well I eventually did, but I wanted to try and remember them as well I could so I could avoid them in the future. I’m not to good in names, so hopefully in a year when someone recommends another anime I can say, “nah, I didn’t like that one.”

The keepers were obviously ones I liked a lot, and Probation are ones that had maybe had some good points, but not the greatest. After watching each first episode since then I have watched two whole series. One was great, one was not. Usagi Drop and the other was Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

Usagi Drop was excellent! It’s a sweet story of a 30 year old single man taking in a 6 year old girl and raising her. The art is fantastic, the voice acting great, and the story is sweet and satisfying. It’s very unlike most anime with the fantasy or supernatural aspect. It’s a slice of life that anyone, even people unfamiliar with anime, would enjoy. It’s a real story about real people.

The other, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai I’m afraid to say I liked in the beginning. I wanted to try more funny or light anime, and I thought in the beginning there might be a nice mix of characters and cast that play off each other well. Hoping it may be something like the American TV show Community, if anyone knows it.

But after several episodes it was quite lacking. I don’t mind cliche and stereotypical characters, which is what the cast was composed of, if the story is good and motivation is good. You can hardly say any character is original in this day and age. But nothing changed the story was totally static, relationships never changed or developed. It was the same dialog and fights every episode in different settings. If it weren’t only 12 episodes I would have dropped it.

Well that’s all for today, wanted to make my post early since I’ll be gone most of today.