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Castle in the Sky

13 Feb

Obviously I’ve been in a Ghibli mood lately. After My Neighbors the Yamadas we watched Castle in the Sky. It seems this always happens for the Ghibli movies, but when I watch them I always say, “wow, that was better than I remember it.”

Castle in the Sky is about a young girl who is a descendant of an ancient, technologically advanced, people. These people lived in a floating city above the clouds, Laputa, but they decided to come live on earth. The girl has a family heirloom, a small crystal on a necklace. This crystal is the key of finding Laputa, and so a lot of people want it.

The girl meets with a young boy, these two band together and are the heroes of the movie. The main enemy is another descendant of the ancient race, and he wants the city for it’s power, and to become the ruler of the world. The two young kids team up with a band of rambunctious pirates and set off to save the world.

The movie is good and lots of fun. The plot is solid and makes sense, and it keeps you interested the whole time. The english dub is good, and the characters are great. People will especially fall in love with the pirate crew. Like for My Neighbors the Yamadas I recommend this movie to anyone to enjoy.

Castle in the Sky