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Level E

19 Feb

As part of my watch-the-first-episode-of-all-the-anime-on-my-list plan I watched Level E. Level E is a 13 episode anime from last year. I only watched the first episode so far but I liked it. It was funny, and had the potential for a good story as well.

The anime is about a young boy who is moving away to his own apartment for his new high school life. He was a baseball star back in his hometown and is on a sports scholarship. He has high hopes for his new life, to be a rising sports star in the school, make lots of friends, and meet lots of girls.

There’s a wrinkle in his plans though, as he enters his new apartment there is some strange man inside, with long blond hair. The stranger is acting pretty odd and is some sort of eccentric. The boy keeps trying to get rid of him but he doesn’t leave.

The TV is turned on and there are reports of a crash in the woods nearby, and it looks like a spaceship. The strange man says that is his, and he’s a alien. Of course the boy does not believe him, and keeps insisting he leave. Suddenly the weirdo has some urgent thing to do and jumps out the window, from 4 stories up.

He lands on his feet and runs off. The boy is a bit curious, but glad he’s finally gone. But then the boy hears a crash and runs down to discover he had run in front of a car to save a cat. He is injured badly, but a weird light surrounds him and he starts to heal. The boy then realizes this guy is the real deal.

Later two men in suits knock on the boys door and ask him if they have seen a stranger with long blond hair, and show a photograph. The boy says no. He goes back in his apartment and the alien is there with a strange device. What he went out to get. The device is able to show his true nature. He shows it to the boy. He is some sort of giant pulsating slug like creature who can change his shape.

So the alien is now living with the boy, who has a kind heart and is a good person. The alien is odd, and often making jokes in an eccentric manner, and is very vague in supplying any answers. It seems he has some amnesia. There are obviously some people out to get him as well, scientists, or the government.

I’m interested to learn more, find out who exactly this alien is, and why he’s here, and who’s looking for him. And like I said it’s funny. Like when the boy first asked him to prove he has and alien. The blond reached out with his finger, to touch it with the boy’s while glowing. The moment is then broken when the boy realizes it’s a little too similar to ET.

The Boy and his Alien