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Modern Family

20 Feb

Well before I get into Modern Family let me just say that I finished Steins;Gate last night. All I have to say to that is… *O* and I regret anything I said about it before. Everything has a reason and makes perfect sense in the end. All sci-fi fans watch it!

Now then, Modern family is an American comedy show in it’s third season airing on ABC. The show is very funny, and it makes me laugh every episode. Modern Family focuses on a.. modern family. In the family is an older divorced man with a hot young Colombian wife and her son. The old man has a grown daughter and son. The son is gay and has a partner and an adopted Asian daughter. The daughter has a more traditional family, with a husband and three kids.

The show focuses on the silly antics of these eleven people and their relationships. The show has some mockumentary format, but it’s much more subtle than The Office, for example. The family usually only has a few moments talking to the camera at the beginning and end of the episode. Usually in the beginning complaining about a problem, and at the end realizing the lesson they learned. The show is filmed pretty normally in between.

The cast of characters is great, and they have the relationships down between all eleven family members. The usual formula of the show is the family is fighting in amongst themselves, about petty things usually, but then make up at the end. And though they fight a lot, they always do make up, and in a very nice way. Though the show is a comedy, which usually means fights and misunderstandings, you also go away from each episode feeling better.

I recommend this show to any comedy fans, and any people who like shows about family.

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