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Back to the Future

5 Mar

Just recently I got the bug again to watch the Back to the Future trilogy. These movies are always as good as the first time I watched them. The movies are timeless and will always be watched.

For anyone living under a rock the Back to the Future trilogy are three movies released in 1985, 1989, and 1990 respectively. The movies follow the adventures of Marty McFly, played by a very young Micheal J. Fox, and Dr. Emmit Brown (Doc), played by Christopher Lloyd. Doc has invented a time machine out of a DeLorean. Once the car reaches 88 mph it is sent to whatever time designated. They both end up getting in all kinds of trouble with it.

Their main timeline in the movie is 1985. In the first movie Marty goes back in time while trying to escape people Doc had upset while building his time machine. Doc had needed plutonium to run it, and stole some from some terrorists who gave it to him to build a bomb. Marty ends up in 1955 with no way to get back without plutonium. Marty finds the Doc of 1955 and convinces him to help send him back to the future. Though along the way Marty accidentally meets up with his own parents and alters the timeline that may erase his very existence. Marty and Doc must fix the time line and get him back to 1985.

In the second movie Doc come rushing back to Marty in 1985 and tells him to come with him quickly. Doc whisks him away to the future to the year 2015 to fix some problem with his future kids. While here Marty gets the idea to get a sport almanac and make some money when he gets back by betting. Doc finds out and stops him, but the villain of the series, Biff, overhears it. He steals the time machine and goes back to 1955 to give his younger self the book to make money. Marty and Doc then have to go back to get the book from young Biff in order to restore the timeline.

In the third movie Doc is struck by lightning and the time machine is sent back to 1885, to the old west. Doc tells Marty not to go after him and to destroy the time machine. However, Marty finds out Doc is shot and killed in the old west. To save him he goes back in time to the old west. As he enters 1885 though the gas tank of the car is punctured. With no gasoline the car can not get to the required 88mph to return. They must find a way to get it to 88mph in the old west.

Anyone and everyone should watch these movies. They are near perfect in execution and never get old. I will be watching for the rest of my life and showing my kids. I’m sure anyone else will do the same.

Back to the Future


Castle in the Sky

13 Feb

Obviously I’ve been in a Ghibli mood lately. After My Neighbors the Yamadas we watched Castle in the Sky. It seems this always happens for the Ghibli movies, but when I watch them I always say, “wow, that was better than I remember it.”

Castle in the Sky is about a young girl who is a descendant of an ancient, technologically advanced, people. These people lived in a floating city above the clouds, Laputa, but they decided to come live on earth. The girl has a family heirloom, a small crystal on a necklace. This crystal is the key of finding Laputa, and so a lot of people want it.

The girl meets with a young boy, these two band together and are the heroes of the movie. The main enemy is another descendant of the ancient race, and he wants the city for it’s power, and to become the ruler of the world. The two young kids team up with a band of rambunctious pirates and set off to save the world.

The movie is good and lots of fun. The plot is solid and makes sense, and it keeps you interested the whole time. The english dub is good, and the characters are great. People will especially fall in love with the pirate crew. Like for My Neighbors the Yamadas I recommend this movie to anyone to enjoy.

Castle in the Sky

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

8 Feb

(spoiler alert!)

I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, I have read all the short stories, though still need to read all the novels. I love mysteries, and the detectives who solve them. I was excited about the first Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downy Jr. and was rewarded by the excellent movie. For anyone who is familiar with the Holmes stories it was obvious the character portrayed was, mostly, accurate.

However, I was not as impressed with this second movie. In my opinion they packed too much humor into it, and it seemed more of a action/adventure than a mystery. For every situation it seemed Holmes had to be a clown more than a mastermind. Even in the final moment of him taking down Moriarty it was a joke, “Be careful what you fish for.” Instead of some classy line like “The game is up.”

I like humor mixed in with my shows, but it made the whole movie seem less serious. The first movie did have humor, yes, but you saw Holmes working and investigating more than clowning around. Holmes isn’t really supposed to have a sense of humor, he’s supposed to be eccentric.

The only real part I liked in the movie was the conclusion, the final conflict between Holmes and Moriarty. But it seemed the whole movie was too long of a buildup just for the one reveal. I would have liked more smaller reveals during the movie. More examples of Holmes’ intellectual prowess.

Now I really loved the way Holmes fell over a cliff with Moriarty, because that is exactly the way it happened in the short stories. Both Holmes and Moriarty are master martial artists and they have a final face to face confrontation on a cliff edge. They both fall off, and Holmes actually dies. But by popular demand Doyle had to bring Holmes back to life for more adventures.

Original drawing of their final fight