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My Neighbors the Yamadas

12 Feb

Goodness I love this movie. I watched it again for like the tenth time last night. My Neighbors the Yamadas is a Studio Ghibli film unlike any other they have made. It’s a comedy about a family and follows more of a 4-koma style. The art style is also very abstract, like watercolor sketches.

I watch the english dub of course, with Molly Shannon and Jim Belushi as the parents. The english cast does so well, the timing and tones are hysterical. I laugh every time I watch this movie. The family consists of a mother, father, grandmother, a high school aged son and an elementary school aged daughter.

The show follows their various family life adventures. How they forgot the youngest girl at the mall, about the husbands and wife relationship, the boys blossoming interest in girls. I could always watch this movie. It’s extremely quotable, my sister and I nearly recite the movie while we watch it.

I recommend anyone to watch this movie if you want a good laugh, anime lover or not. It’s a unique movie that everyone will love.

The Yamada Family