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2 Feb

So I read the new chapter on the manga Beelzebub today,  chapter 142. It was good as always. Beelzebub is one of my favorite, relatively new, mangas. It centers around a bad-ass delinquent who doesn’t take crap from anybody. In a turn of events though he is now the care taker of hells spawn, i.e. the Devils youngest child. The demon baby attached himself to the strongest entity it could find to raise him, that would be Tatsumi Oga, our delinquent.

Things evolve to a point where it feels more like a run of the mill Shonen though, Oga must level up and get stronger to defeat the next emerging enemies. But I still think the manga is fresh and interesting. Not only is it hilarious; Oga and his friends are delinquents, they don’t really take that usual path of turning good, or really have a good heart inside. They are delinquents the whole time, through and through.

What happens is Demons start coming out from hell and making trouble. Oga and his delinquent buddies take it upon themselves to defeat them. Not really because they are good, but because the demons are the enemy. It reminds of this old cheesy movie I saw once. A small faction of Nazis infiltrate the US and as it turns into a gunfight the Mob and the FBI team up against them.

The Mob, they aren’t good people, crooks and killers, but even they agree with the feds that Nazis are bad news. In other words it concerns even delinquents when the world is in danger. Bad people don’t want someone badder coming in. So I think the author did a good job of preserving the less-than-heroic characters by pitting them against Demons. Meaning the characters aren’t your run of the mill family types, but still someone you can cheer for.