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14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day all! I hope everyone is spending the day with their loved ones, romantic or platonic. I know I certainly am.

Well I was having trouble thinking about what to write today, I have not been doing much new. I’m just still watching Stargate Atlantis, and Steins;Gate; and am still playing Professor Layton and Skyward Sword. So today will be more of an opinionated, chatty post.

I just finished watching an episode of Stargate, and I gotta say, it’s been a long time since a regular TV show made me cry. One of the main characters, and my favorite characters, died. It was so sudden, and it hit me hard. Well it just goes to show what good characterization was done. There have been deaths on other main network shows that I have not had such a reaction to. The characters are usually too static and harder to relate with. Luckily I have valentines chocolate to console me.

I’ve also managed to finish Layton since my last post. I didn’t know it was so close to the end. I was quite satisfied by the ending, it was finally different. If anyone is familiar with the first three games the ending were very similar, each one involved a fake town. Though I finished the game I haven’t solved all the puzzles yet. Also want to get all the bonuses and mini-games done. I’m also still quite enjoying London Life, the 16-bit version of the Layton universe is quite charming.

Still only played Skyward Sword hero mode once, I’ve got to tackle my first temple. And still not paying enough attention to Steins;Gate. On Thursday though I’m going to Worcester with my family. I’ll have a lot of the time in the car to watch anime, and probably get some more Layton Puzzles out of the way.

Now I’m off to keep eating my Valentines candy and pretend if I eat it all at once it’s less unhealthy.


Hero Mode

11 Feb

So today I finally decided to really start Hero Mode in Skyward Sword. For those of you who don’t know Hero Mode is an extension of Zelda: Skyward Sword. After you beat the game in normal mode, which I did some time ago, you can erase that file and start the game over in hero mode.

Hero mode has a few more challenges; damage is done double to you, so anything that took away half a heart now takes away a whole heart, etc. etc. Also there are no hearts and no heart flowers in the wild. All health comes from sleeping/sitting or potions. Though carrying a heart medal will make hearts appear in the wild again. Also the skyward strike starts out at full power. And when you reach the point of fully powering up your sword, the strike is charged instantly.

I wasn’t sure about this at first. Taking away all hearts in the wild doesn’t really seem like it would make it more challenging, just more annoying. Lots of hearts can be lost accidentally, and it would just require more trips back and forth to towns and resting places. But if they come back with the heart medal I’m looking more forward to it.

I do wish they would change a little more though. I liked Wind Wakers “Hero Mode” You wore different clothes the whole time, started with the colored picto box, and could understand the hyrulian language. Though it did not really have anything to make it more challenging, it was just different. I wish Skyward Sword and thrown in some more fun stuff like that, not affecting the gameplay, but just interesting. Consequently Wind Waker should have had more in it to make it more challenging.