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Star Fox 64 3D

7 Feb

For my birthday last year, on November 19th, I got Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS. I played my N64 a lot back in the day, but I never had Star Fox for it. I was excited to give the game a go. I am a huge fan of the SNES one, and have played it for many years. Though I never beat it until just a few years ago.

I never knew the two games were so similar, I was very pleased. The 64 version is basically the same gameplay as the SNES version just with updated graphics and a few other basic upgrades.

The 3D effects of this game were well done as well, and I got the hang of the controls pretty quickly. What I especially liked about the 64 version was the addition of the loop and the about face controls. These came in very handy for avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Though I did think the game was too easy, I beat it fairly quickly and without too much trouble. That was just my usual blind run through. With my video games on the first play through I always just focus on beating the game, and don’t worry too much about side-quests or 100% completion. I have yet to go back through and find all the game can offer.