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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

3 Feb

I love Netflix watch instant, especially through the Wii. Star Trek itself is worth the subscription. The complete collections of all five series are available to watch. Buying all these would cost hundreds of dollars. A few months ago we finished watching Enterprise, and decided we wanted more.

We started watching Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and The Next Generation, all alternating. We are about done with the second season on all of them. It’s especially fun to watch these three since they take place all in the same time. Today I’ll be talking about DS9.

DS9 is about the federation life on a space station. The station technically belongs to a nearby planet called Bajor, which was recently occupied by the Cardassians. The Cardassians are the main bad guys of the series, a nasty bunch.

I like the cast, though the Captain, Cisco, is my least favorite. I like most Odo, the shape shifter security officer; then Quark, the Ferengi barkeep. Those are my two favorite characters, and they have a good dynamic between them. One is the law, and one is always bending the rules, the “frenemies” sort of effect.

I like the Chief Engineer and the Doctor as well, they are good friends and good characters. The rest of the characters are meh. I think DS9 does the lighter episodes and comedy well. But I think that it does not handle the serious arcs and story lines too great. In my opinion Captain Cisco is not the greatest actor, so I like stories involving the side characters better.

Well, look forward to eventual entries of the rest of the Star Trek series!