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The Secret World of Arrietty

14 Mar

Last night I was Tuesday again, so I went with my family t0 the cheap movie theater; on Tuesdays a movie is only a dollar. We saw the newest English released Studio Ghibli film, The Secret World of Arrietty.

The Secret World of Arrietty the newest adaptation of The Borrowers. Borrowers are the main cast in a series of books written in the mind 1900s by Mary Norton. The Borrowers are a race of little people that live in the walls and floorboards of houses and “borrow” from humans. A mythical way to explain away missing socks, needles, bits of food; little things in a house that constantly go missing and are never found.

The Borrowers have had a few adaptations, but the only other one I know is a 1997 film with John Goodman playing the lead villain. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember it fondly. I was excited to see the Ghibli version, it seemed like a perfect subject material for them.

In The Secret World of Arrietty a Japanese boy with a heart problem is sent to the country side for some rest and quiet before a major operation. While there he encounters and tries to befriend Arrietty, a young Borrower who lives in the house with her parents.The story follows there interaction, and reveals myths and ways of the Borrowers and how they handle humans.

The movie was good, the art and color just blew me away sometimes. Studio Ghibli really knows how to animate. Disney also did the usual great job on dubbing the film with a few big names. My only complaint is I wish there were a bit more plot. The movie was very much a slice of life piece, with an inconclusive ending.

I still would recommend the film to any Studio Ghibli fans, the work is up to par. Also to any Borrow fans.

Arrietty encountering the boy in the garden.


Castle in the Sky

13 Feb

Obviously I’ve been in a Ghibli mood lately. After My Neighbors the Yamadas we watched Castle in the Sky. It seems this always happens for the Ghibli movies, but when I watch them I always say, “wow, that was better than I remember it.”

Castle in the Sky is about a young girl who is a descendant of an ancient, technologically advanced, people. These people lived in a floating city above the clouds, Laputa, but they decided to come live on earth. The girl has a family heirloom, a small crystal on a necklace. This crystal is the key of finding Laputa, and so a lot of people want it.

The girl meets with a young boy, these two band together and are the heroes of the movie. The main enemy is another descendant of the ancient race, and he wants the city for it’s power, and to become the ruler of the world. The two young kids team up with a band of rambunctious pirates and set off to save the world.

The movie is good and lots of fun. The plot is solid and makes sense, and it keeps you interested the whole time. The english dub is good, and the characters are great. People will especially fall in love with the pirate crew. Like for My Neighbors the Yamadas I recommend this movie to anyone to enjoy.

Castle in the Sky

My Neighbors the Yamadas

12 Feb

Goodness I love this movie. I watched it again for like the tenth time last night. My Neighbors the Yamadas is a Studio Ghibli film unlike any other they have made. It’s a comedy about a family and follows more of a 4-koma style. The art style is also very abstract, like watercolor sketches.

I watch the english dub of course, with Molly Shannon and Jim Belushi as the parents. The english cast does so well, the timing and tones are hysterical. I laugh every time I watch this movie. The family consists of a mother, father, grandmother, a high school aged son and an elementary school aged daughter.

The show follows their various family life adventures. How they forgot the youngest girl at the mall, about the husbands and wife relationship, the boys blossoming interest in girls. I could always watch this movie. It’s extremely quotable, my sister and I nearly recite the movie while we watch it.

I recommend anyone to watch this movie if you want a good laugh, anime lover or not. It’s a unique movie that everyone will love.

The Yamada Family