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Half-Life 2

21 Mar

So I finally started Half-Life 2 on The Orange Box. I kind of wanted to do Half-Life 1 to get the story and everything, but I found out it’s not on mac, or any console I own. I do have access to windows, but it’s a pain to only play a game on it.

I’m liking Half-Life 2 so far, I have not played very much. I only just got all my weapon options filled up. I like shooters that are more than just shooting in a war-zone, like Halo or CoD. I’m not sure if they are called anything different, action shooters? But the player must solve puzzles and navigate terrain and interact with people instead of just looking down the barrel of a gun.You can also use a crowbar, that’s good fun.

I’m familiar with the controls and how the physics work, since they are identical to Portal, so it wasn’t hard to get used to. But I had no idea what was going on for story, made me wish I had done Half-Life 1. I read a synopsis on Wikipedia though, I hope it’s enough. I always enjoy a good Dystopian regime setting. Though I’m not sure how it fits in with Portal either, I know they are supposed to be the same world.

A small complaint I have with this and similar games are the blandness of the setting. Everything is just stained concrete etc etc. It never feels like you are going anywhere new or progressive. I like more of a change. Overall I am still liking Portal more, I drift toward puzzle games more anyway.

Half-Life 2



16 Mar

I finally got The Orange Box today, earlier than expected actually. I put it in and fired up Portal! I wanted to try the rest too, but my grandparents are visiting this weekend and it’s harder to play games on the TV with so many people around.

Portal I already know so can jump right into with no sound or anything. Though sound always makes it much better, it’s not the same without GLaDOS talking at you.

Portal is a superb mind bender and puzzle-platformer. Using a Portal gun you must make your way through Aperture Science Laboratories’ testing site. Portals allow you to make doorways to move instantly from one flat surface to another to travel through the levels and solve puzzles.

Portal is also the game where the phrase, “the cake is a lie” comes from. After doing the basic testing levels you bust out and explore Aperture Science while learning a bit about why you are here and what’s going on.

I also played Portal 2. Another fantastic game where you learn even more about the situation, and it has such a great ending. I love the Portal games, they are some of my favorite games and I have no qualms about playing them again. Though I look forward to play so many other highly acclaimed games. The Portal games are for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. I recommend them to anyone who likes to think about their games.

Using portals to sneak behind a turret


10 Mar

I have a little extra money lying around, so I thought I’d look into getting a video game. I kinda felt like playing Portal again, and I have it on my mac, but I remembered everyone loved all the games in that Orange Box thingy.

Now I bought Portal through Steam, so it was only like $8 or something, so I don’t feel too bad getting it for the 360. Generally when I can get a game on a console instead of a computer I do.

So with The Orange Box comes Portal, Half-Life 2, and Team Fortress 2. I have heard good things about these games from friends, so I’m looking forward to them, as well as doing Portal on the big screen. Then I’ll probably have to do Portal 2 again.

I’m a sucker for Super Saver Shipping on Amazon, so of course with The Orange Box being only $15 I set off to find something else I needed. I checked my game list, and I got a lot I wanted for Christmas, so it’s getting thin. Some games I have wanted for a long time are the Phoenix Wright games. I have the first one and absolutely love it.

This I do not understand! Phoenix Wright for the DS is so expensive!! The second one is $30 used, and up to $80 new! This game is 10 years old! This is the same for all the games, used is from $30-$50, while new is from $60-$100. I really want someone to explain this to me. I have never seen games hold onto value before, increase really. The first one I bought for $20, and it’s an 11 year old game.

Well while fuming about Phoenix Wright I kept looking for other games. I looked into a few new ones I wanted, but they were too expensive, just looking for $10-$15 purchase to get me free shipping. I eventually decided on a few HDMI cables since I’m having trouble fitting all my stuff into my TV with only RCA connectors.

That’s it for now, and I think I’ll go play Connections.