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Back to the Future

5 Mar

Just recently I got the bug again to watch the Back to the Future trilogy. These movies are always as good as the first time I watched them. The movies are timeless and will always be watched.

For anyone living under a rock the Back to the Future trilogy are three movies released in 1985, 1989, and 1990 respectively. The movies follow the adventures of Marty McFly, played by a very young Micheal J. Fox, and Dr. Emmit Brown (Doc), played by Christopher Lloyd. Doc has invented a time machine out of a DeLorean. Once the car reaches 88 mph it is sent to whatever time designated. They both end up getting in all kinds of trouble with it.

Their main timeline in the movie is 1985. In the first movie Marty goes back in time while trying to escape people Doc had upset while building his time machine. Doc had needed plutonium to run it, and stole some from some terrorists who gave it to him to build a bomb. Marty ends up in 1955 with no way to get back without plutonium. Marty finds the Doc of 1955 and convinces him to help send him back to the future. Though along the way Marty accidentally meets up with his own parents and alters the timeline that may erase his very existence. Marty and Doc must fix the time line and get him back to 1985.

In the second movie Doc come rushing back to Marty in 1985 and tells him to come with him quickly. Doc whisks him away to the future to the year 2015 to fix some problem with his future kids. While here Marty gets the idea to get a sport almanac and make some money when he gets back by betting. Doc finds out and stops him, but the villain of the series, Biff, overhears it. He steals the time machine and goes back to 1955 to give his younger self the book to make money. Marty and Doc then have to go back to get the book from young Biff in order to restore the timeline.

In the third movie Doc is struck by lightning and the time machine is sent back to 1885, to the old west. Doc tells Marty not to go after him and to destroy the time machine. However, Marty finds out Doc is shot and killed in the old west. To save him he goes back in time to the old west. As he enters 1885 though the gas tank of the car is punctured. With no gasoline the car can not get to the required 88mph to return. They must find a way to get it to 88mph in the old west.

Anyone and everyone should watch these movies. They are near perfect in execution and never get old. I will be watching for the rest of my life and showing my kids. I’m sure anyone else will do the same.

Back to the Future



24 Feb

So I discovered a Steins;Gate special. Apparently it was released with the Blu-ray pack of Steins;Gate. I got it and watched it right away. I quite liked it, except for the english parts. The show takes place several months after the end of Steins;Gate. The whole gang goes to America to see Feyris in a card tournament, and to see Kirisu while they’re there.

Okarin is pretty funny, declaring himself a Mad Scientist as they enter the country got him detained by airport security for a short time. Okarin is his usual self again from the beginning of Steins;Gate. He spouts about the organization and fake talking on his cell phone. The time travel events becoming a bad memory. The episode makes a good wrap up to the vague-ish ending of the series. Satisfying for the romantics.

Though while in America the voice acting in english is terrible. It’s very obviously Japanese actors with a heavy accent. This happens in every anime when they need native english speakers. It seems like an American actor in Japan could make a killing playing native english speakers in all the different kinds of anime. And it would add authenticity.

As for anime I am now about to get back into Arakawa Under the Bridge. I watched half and haven’t watched it since. But after Steins;Gate I’m ready to go. I’m not sure what to watch after that. I may re-watch some of my favorite anime.

On the video game front I’ve been very lax. I haven’t played anymore Hero Mode for Zelda, or anymore 3DS games. I’m very much in an anime mood right now. Though I also caught up on on my manga. I was in a disarray after my manga reader, somemanga, went down. I lost my list of manga and haven’t read any manga in weeks.

Finally I found a new reader I liked. Then I looked in my history for all the titles of my manga. I hope I got them all. And then I finally got caught up on all my manga. Stayed up a bit too late to do it though.

Well that’s it for today! See you all tomorrow.