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30 Apr

Sorry I have been so busy, I will try to keep up on my blog again. Thank you to any readers I have.

Today I tried a new TV show at the recommendation of a friend. The show is called Leverage. It began in 2008 and is still on air. The show follows an ex insurance investigator who has put together a team of thieves and baddies in a sort of Robin Hood-esque capacity.

The investigator is mad at his old employer for not paying out insurance to save his sons life. Yet he is an honest man who won’t break the law. In the first episode a man come to him to ask him to steal back something of his that was stolen. He decides to take on the job. A lot happen (spoilers) and he and his crew get away with millions.

The main guy decides he likes this work, as do the others. They form a group to help people who are taken advantage of. The characters are funny and interesting. The main guy is the planner and coordinator, team leader. His group of bad guys who do good things include a computers expert, a combat expert, a cat burglar, and a con woman.

I’ve only watched five episodes so far, but it’s pretty good. I suggest the show to anyone who likes shows like Burn Notice, or White Collar.




26 Mar

Sidereel.com is a great website for all those people who follow TV shows. It’s a way to keep track of, and keep updated on your favorite shows. I visit it every day and would not watch half the TV I do now without it.

You can create a free account on the website, after you do you can pick from all the shows they have listed and mark the ones you follow. The best feature about sidereel is the calendar. After picking your shows to track a weekly calendar will be available, if your show is airing a new episode, it will show up on the calendar. Here is an example,

haha, I sure watch a lot of shows on Thursday

This is the biggest advantage of the site, but it also has episode guides for every TV show, even ones from a long time ago. Also, though I don’t usually utilize this, the site has a lot of news and updates about TV shows. If there is a cancellation buzz, when it’s going on break, or maybe stories involving the actors in a show.

It also has resources for movies as well, with news and reviews like for TV shows. It does the same for web bases TV as well. Sidereel can be a good place to just browse if you’re looking for a new shows or movie to watch, everything is rated and divided into their genres.

The only flaw of the site, which you can hardly blame them for, is poor coverage over foreign TV or anime. I follow a lot of British shows, but of course the airing times are always off, and the news or updates are not paid attention to as much. The same goes for anime, it’s not a very good resource for either of those.

You can also connect social sites like facebook or twitter with your account, but I don’t really go for that anyway. The site is just an amazing resource that all TV watchers should utilize.


10 Feb

Stargate Atlantis

Ok, so now I’ve almost finished with season 2 of Stargate Atlantis and I’m very hooked. The universe is good and well established, and I’m loving the characters and stories.

I like the main enemy, the Wraith. As I said they use humans as their food source, they go hunting on many planets, and they call it the culling. It’s interesting that since they need the humans alive to feed they never shoot to kill. So this technically makes them less lethal, though even scarier since they take the unconscious humans back to their ship to feed, or store them live.

I like it when shows come up with good reasons for things. Like why the enemy doesn’t always kill on sight. I think this is a perfect reason for this show, so it makes for a lot of capturing and escaping situations which are completely natural and don’t feel pushed. Also it makes the Wraith an indisputable enemy, I like when the bad guy is nice and clear cut.

I also find all the human cultures the Atlantis team comes across interesting. Since all planets are affected by the cullings the humans never have a chance to evolve very far. We see cultures ranging from forest dwellers living like Ewoks, to a people who have moved to underground cities to try and escape the Wraith and have gone as far as developing Nuclear weapons. It all makes sense and is very interesting.

Though there have been several references to the first Stargate series that I don’t get at all. That’s my fault though, I should have found out exactly what to watch first. A few references to old enemies, and to old friends that have me totally lost. But I can fill in the gaps well enough. Though I recommend to anyone else to start at the beginning.

a Wraith feeding


I have been slacking off on Steins;Gate from watching Stargate so much, but I’m approaching the place where I dropped it. I remember why now. The episodes up until now have been very sci-fi heavy. They discover the properties of their time microwave, and how to use it exactly.

They investigate any other time travel in their world, and uncover the conspiracy involving CERN, and see the proof of human experimented time travelers. But then after episode 7 it’s like none of that even happened. I remember I was like freaking out when they saw the articles of humans showing up in a gel form like their bananas did. And wondering how they were going to find out more, who was behind it, how is their microwave doing this. But no, they have stories about a trap becoming a woman and a girl doing something to influence the otaku culture though time travel messages. I dropped it then, but now I hope it gets back to the cool stuff.

Gel Banana and Gel Human

Well those are the updates of shows I gave first impressions on. Thanks for any readers out there interested in my new blog.

Stargate Atlantis

6 Feb

Well as I said I polished off The Dresden files in no time. So yet again this morning I set out looking for an english TV show to do my household business with. I finally decided on Stargate. I’ve heard the show is good, but there are several series and I never knew where to start. I just decided to go with Stargate: Atlantis.

Stargates are a concept mentioned in many sci-fi shows, but as far as I know this is the first one centering around it. Stargates are wormhole generators. Instead of interstellar travel on ships; wormholes are portals between planets, no matter the distance.  This is a concept proposed in theoretical physics today. To create stable wormholes for space travel, or even time travel.

In the stargate universe an ancient human culture created these gates, and were great travelers. In Stargate: Atlantis a group of scientists from earth have found and powered a gate. They discovered it led to the ancient city of Atlantis on another planet. They all took a one way trip through the gate as explorers and adventurers.

The group now lives in Atlantis and they do not have the power to get home. Though they do have the power to jump to nearer planets. As they live in the city they use the stargate to explore other worlds to keep learning of their ancestors and find the power to get them home.

However, the enemy of the ancient people, and their vanquishers pop up again. The Wraith. These are the main enemies of the series, a race of people who harvest humans as food. The people are constantly struggling against them.

I’m liking the show so far, it is well made and good acting. I think I found a good new sci-fi show.