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Mass Effect

8 Mar

So recently I started up Mass Effect again, let’s see how I do this time. For anyone who doesn’t know I’m a huge Nintendo fan-boy, I have only played all their systems. I am trying to become a video game designer though, and to do that I need to branch out.

I saved up some money and about a year ago purchased an Xbox 360. I then proceeded to gamestop and picked up all the famous titles I’d ever heard of. That is an advantage to getting into a new console that’s been out for a while, a lot of the best games are dirt cheap by now. I don’t think anything I bought cost over $15.

Since then I have tried it off and on, but never really got into any of the games very much. And learning a whole new controller scheme can be hard. The game I liked most was Batman: Arkham Asylum. Not being able to handle the controls as expertly as a Wii’s is discouraging, so I did not play a whole lot.

Recently I’m back into trying Mass Effect. I like it and get used to it more every time I played. Anyone who does not know, Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG shooter. Though the third in the series is now out.

I have gotten more used to the controls, but I still don’t have a handle on the equipment and equipment management. I find it kinda confusing. Though I love the Journal and assignment notes system in the game. It takes away a lot of what I don’t like about sidequests; trying to remember and manage all the menial tasks every guy you meet on the street asks you to do.

I got further in Mass Effect than I ever have before. So I’m encouraged, but I was also killed over and over again in the same spot, so discouraged. I have yet to figure out if I’m doing anything wrong, or if I just suck. Time will tell.

Not much of a review or a first impression since I am so new to the console and this type of game. Lets just see how I do.

On another note watch this video for a good cause!

Mass Effect



Tetris Axis

22 Feb

Tetris Axis is yet another Tetris game but for the 3DS. Now Tetris is a good game and I like it. But, as I feel for FPSes, you really only need one. Or at least like one every five years or something. So I usually disregard Tetris games thinking I can play it for free online, or some other version I have of it.

I then got Tetris Axis for Christmas, and realized I didn’t really have a good version of it at all. And Tetris especially lends itself to handhelds. I have enjoyed this game a lot. Tetris is fun to pull out whenever you have some time to kill, but there isn’t really time to do anything else. Or something to fiddle with if you’re sitting around with family or friends.

Tetris Axis has a lot of fun modes. Though I usually prefer the classic “Marathon” it’s called now, just play until you lose. Though the Vs. mode is fun. You can play computer characters and fight by using items that can hinder your opponent or help yourself. I’m glad they added this aspect to Tetris, it can really make it more interesting.

It also has a lot of other modes that are commonly seen in today’s Tetris. Variations of the game board, of the falling pieces, of goals to accomplish and more. Though the new mode in this version is the VR mode. You can place your VR card on a flat surface and hold the 3DS away from it and can play Tetris on a small board in the middle of the table. Then to make things more interesting the playing field will rotate so you need to move to keep up with it. There are variations on this as well, like playing around an axis.

If you don’t have a good Tetris copy pick this one up!

Tetris on the kitchen table

Star Fox 64 3D

7 Feb

For my birthday last year, on November 19th, I got Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS. I played my N64 a lot back in the day, but I never had Star Fox for it. I was excited to give the game a go. I am a huge fan of the SNES one, and have played it for many years. Though I never beat it until just a few years ago.

I never knew the two games were so similar, I was very pleased. The 64 version is basically the same gameplay as the SNES version just with updated graphics and a few other basic upgrades.

The 3D effects of this game were well done as well, and I got the hang of the controls pretty quickly. What I especially liked about the 64 version was the addition of the loop and the about face controls. These came in very handy for avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Though I did think the game was too easy, I beat it fairly quickly and without too much trouble. That was just my usual blind run through. With my video games on the first play through I always just focus on beating the game, and don’t worry too much about side-quests or 100% completion. I have yet to go back through and find all the game can offer.



Super Scribblenauts

30 Jan

I got Super Scribblenauts ages ago when it first came out, I came very near the end then stopped. I picked it back up recently and just finished it. It was fun, but I think I must agree with most reviews I’ve seen, that the first was still better. Though Super Scribblenauts fixed everything wrong with the first, like the movement and bagpipes, it did not contain enough new elements to really stand it apart from the first. The major additions were adjectives, which can be fun, but is basically inconsequential to the majority of gameplay. If you loved the first and just wanted more, then it’s good to play, I still enjoyed it greatly. The puzzles did involve more specific items and thoughts than many of the first. But some were maybe to specific, more freedom to experiment with different methods would be fun. For example, sneaking into a wedding, there’s really no other disguise other than a tux or suit. Though I do only have 48% of the merits. My next goal is to work on that!

On another note my games list is about complete. I have a few more NES games to list, and want to go through my PC games to list. But so far it’s over 200 games. I wonder if that’s a lot or not, haha, I don’t have many gamer friends.

I also added my current activities on my sidebar. I’m trying to think of more, but think I have some good ones up.